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How to burn fat and grow muscle at the same time

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April 17, 2020

Keeping muscle tone, while burning body fat is one of the most challenging things for most women to do.

That is because most women are ignoring the following 3 tips:

1. Eating adequate amounts of protein.

Without the proper food and nutrition the muscle breaks down during the workouts and all the hard work goes to waste.

If you are in a cutting phase make sure you are calculating the right amount of proteins to keep.

2. Don't shave off too many calories.

Beautiful body compositions aren't made through starvation and they never will be.

You have to pack on some muscle to get that metabolism firing, and your body running as it should be.

If you cut off too many calories you aren't giving your body enough food to function properly.

3. Eat carbohydrates.

I believe that the macronutrient carbohydrate is so misunderstood it is unbelievable.

Yeah Ketogenic diets have healthy benefits for a very small and specific genetic portion of the population.

And for the rest of us it's following the crowd, and silly, stupid dumb, and unsustainable.

Your muscles FEED off of carbohydrates.

The most muscular and defined bodies in the world FAR AND WIDE are built with carbs.

Carbs are not bad.

Bad carbs are bad.

There is a huge difference.

Learning when, how much, and what kind of carbs you should be incorporating into your journey is a MUST if you want to be able to keep the muscle tone.. with low body fat.

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