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Dieting Vs. Macroing

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April 5th, 2020

Getting your macros right will change your life...

Macros when done correctly give you tremendous control over the way your body looks. And I mean like full on predictable control to WHATEVER desired result that you are looking for.

The thing is most women go about their macronutrients completely wrong...

Getting them from some "expert" who is really slapping some baseline stats into a calculator, and wishing for the best.

This isn't going to cut it.. and doesn't cut it for most women.

The worst part is..

Without knowing if your numbers are right, the mental benefit you get from macros (knowing you are eating the right thing) diminishes entirely.

Making any generic macro plan, hard to stick to, hard to believe in, and really similar to the templated cookie cutter approaches that drew you to the macro nutrient "tailored" frame work in the first place!

I can save you from all of this.

After working with THOUSANDS of women directly over the last few years.

I have been able to time and time again produce results.

All ages, all shapes, all sizes, all starting points... even with ZERO macro knowledge.

And you guessed it PRODUCE results.

My team has put together this gold mine of information in a beautiful fashion and have made it accessible to all the women who want that expert level knowledge THEMSELVES.

So they are on the right track.

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August 28, 2020

So you work with vegan plant based

Shannen Huhn
Shannen Huhn

August 26, 2020

I’m looking to buy a book on how to count macros! I keep going to the Warrior babe website And it won’t let me click on anything. Do you sell a book on how to count macros and workout sessions?! Thanks

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