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Do You Feel Overwhelmed Or Stuck Trying To Get Toned?

Get Personal 1 on 1 Help Reaching Your Fitness Goals!  


✅ Mandatory Onboarding Set Up Call With Personal Coach

✅ Personalized Application With Unique Profile

Monthly Updating Custom Workouts For Personal Goal

✅ Custom Macronutrients For Personal Goal

✅ Adjustments To Macronutrients As Needed To Continue Progress

✅ Daily MFP Log Check From Coach To Ensure Consistency

✅ Starter Sample Meal Plan

✅ Weekly Check Ins With Personal Coach

✅ Weekly Coaching Calls With Group

✅ Weekly Education Calls With Nikkiey, Coaches, and Group

✅ App 1:1 Coaching Support - Audio Messaging

✅ Optional 1x / Month 1:1 Coaching Video Calls

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Madelyn Taylor


Coach Madelyn is a NPC Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor, chasing her pro card, and a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She has completely transformed from an underweight distance runner to a successful athlete through the techniques taught here at WarriorBabe, macro tracking and resistance training. Through her own journey she has discovered her passion for inspiring and teaching other women the power of food as fuel and becoming a more confident version of themself.

“I started in the Revolution and joined the Blueprint after a few months. I made gains in both and just wanted to take my progress up a notch, so I made the leap into the VIP program. It’s been a total game changer! The one on one support and accountability has helped me change my body in ways I didn’t think possible. At 52, I had no idea I could look and feel so good, and I’m still making improvements. “Trust the process?” You bet!” - Jodi Smith

“Warrior Babe has literally changed me and my family for the better. Becoming a WarriorBabe was an exercise in finally really understanding my body and what it is capable of if I treat it right. Each stage of this program provided me with the education and tools I needed to begin developing into my future self. It showed me how to manage my expectations, goals, health and of course food! The clarity I have now from recently joining the VIP is indescribable. This next level has enabled me to not just see my future self but obtain the confidence to know I will attain it. And having that type of clarity around a goal you are working so hard to meet is truly energizing.” - Marisa Thaxter

“Warrior Babe VIP has changed my life. I’ve been on the warrior babe program for 2 months and my body has lost more inches and weight in 2 months on the WB/vip than it has in 2 years of my way of dieting and exercise. I love the coaches.. they are always available to answer questions. I love the warrior babe community everyone helps everyone with questions and support. Thank you warrior Babe for changing my life.” - Dawn Bitting

“Being a woman doesn’t mean we have to live up to the stereotypes and WB defines me as that…..a strong, healthy and confident woman. It’s Me vs Me, but we all need help along the way. Finding WB VIP and learning the macro lifestyle has been a game changer and is allowing me to become the woman that I want to be, with the help of coaches and other babes that are going through their own journeys at the same time. Being a part of such a community allows you to see how unique we all are and that we are all at different stages in our journeys and in the journey for different reasons, but no matter, we all have each other to lean on and learn from. As far as I am concerned, I would rather invest in my health now, than to invest it all in doctors and medications later.” - Denise Kuhn

Kayla King


Coach Kayla is an NCI certified nutrition coach and Bikini Competitor. She won her first bodybuilding competition in 2019 and shadowed Nikkiey as a coach for 6 months before taking on coaching full time with WarriorBabe. She has a great passion for helping others and specializes in health, longevity, and sustainable protocols. By maintaining her fitness lifestyle while also traveling to 30+ countries she seeks to teach others how to properly fit a healthy diet and workout protocols into each individual's lifestyle.

"I started working with Kayla in the VIP program in the beginning of 2020. As a coach, she is knowledgeable beyond her years. I will be forever grateful for not only her knowledge, but more for her support and friendship. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone physical and mentally, and taught me not to give up on myself. I continue to Look forward to what comes next in my fitness journey and know the at age 46 I am going to continue to strive for my goals." - Brook Hadley

I am so grateful for having Kayla King as my trainer. I came into Warrior Babe VIP hoping I could finally find a sustainable healthy lifestyle to get to my goals as I age (I am 53). In my 40’s I was heavy, had IBS, GERD and felt sickly and achy all of the time. Testing showed I had several food intolerances that were causing inflammation. I stopped eating the foods that bothered me, and started the long journey of healing my body. Although I lost weight and felt better I struggled with how to eat and train to get lean and gain muscle." - Robin Rose

"Kayla understood my food intolerances and shared a meal plan/macros I could follow and learn from. She helped me overcome my body insecurities and my self-sabotaging mindset I did not even realize was holding me back as well as adjusted my workouts based on my aging aches and pains.   In just 6 months, I made amazing gains and changes in body composition but more importantly mindset. I feel great about myself and love my upgraded body and muscles. I am a stronger more confident version of myself.   I am learning so much from Kayla, the other trainers and the WB community on how to make this lifestyle sustainable. My dream in my 20’s was to be a competitive bodybuilder.   I never thought that I would contemplate (not ready yet – work in progress) competing in my 50’s but Kayla and this program have made me realize it is possible."

Raven Hughes


Coach Raven is a mom, who is dedicated to helping women find a healthier, more sustainable way of living. She is a certified Medical Assistant and has 7 years of experience in Physical Therapy. She found her place with WarriorBabe over 2 years ago where she has followed Nikkiey’s methods closely ever since. She completely changed her body composition from underweight to strong with the same methods she teaches at WarriorBabe. Through her own personal journey she found a zeal for encouraging others in reaching their full potential.

“Raven strengthens my spirit. She provides guidance and insights that are allowing me to build sustainable habits for long-term success. I trust her to guide me on this journey, and I am grateful to have her in my corner.”- Erin Roberts

“Raven has been an AMAZING part of my journey as a WB. She has offered so much support and guidance but MOST of all tough love when I need it! She has helped me fall back in love with strength training while guiding me with macro adjustments- which means lots of food! Now down #20 while gaining so much muscle and tone- I’ve never been happier & proud of the work I’ve put in! She is the best!!!" -Jill Griego

My experience having Raven as my coach has been more than amazing! She is dedicated to helping me be successful with my goals. She motivates me to push myself harder than I’ve ever thought possible! Becoming a Warrior Babe is the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m forever grateful I have her support on this journey.”- Danielle Peterman

Raven has been there for me every single step of the way, even before she was a coach. She’s been such an amazing coach and even someone I can talk to. She has a way of lifting people back up when they feel like they are failing. She always says the right words of encouragement to help motivate you and push you to do your best! Even when you feel like you’ve been slacking off, she’s there to remind you that it’s okay, we are human and we’re not perfect and we are going to have our days, and that’s perfectly fine. I appreciate her as a coach, but also as an overall human being because she’s there as a friend as well, when it comes to personal things, she’s there and she makes it easy to talk to her. I’ve been lucky to have her as a coach because her energy and positive outlook on everything makes it easy for me to continue to do great in this program and push through even on my rough days. The results I’ve gotten from this program are unbelievable and I could have not done it with the constant encouragement and support of Raven. She’s been an incredible coach.” - Felicia Spencer

"I’ve worked with other coaches before and Raven + me in this program are definitely the right fit. While the program requires a lot of discipline, Raven brings the right amount of support and kindness that balances it all out. She’s been SO supportive of me and my traveling lifestyle, I was blown away by the amount I can do without a gym (during the pandemic!) and she’s even researched my home gym (Tonal) to give me workouts that fit there. I’m a Warrior Babe for life, that’s for sure." - Hilary Hendershott

Ally Kearney


Coach Ally is a mom, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and has her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Prior to having babies, she worked as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with children and adults with developmental disabilities. After having children, she decided to merge her loves of fitness and behavioral psychology, became a personal trainer, and began coaching clients in person. She is passionate about helping women become strong, confident versions of themselves by fueling their bodies, healing their relationships with food, and gaining strength both inside and outside the gym.

Nikkiey Stott

Senior Coach

Nikkiey Stott is