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What Are The Best Foods For Boosting Your Metabolism?

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Whatever your fitness or weight loss goal is, calories. If you eat too many calories, you'll gain weight, even on a strict no-carb diet. On the flip side, if you eat too few calories, you'll always be hungry, and that increases the chances of dietary cheating. It's very important you have one of the best macro tracking apps of 2020.

But calories aren't the whole picture – you also need to adjust your macronutrients or macros to match your goals. Macros are the collective term for protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Getting the ratio right between your daily dose of macros will help you make progress faster and easier. That's why things like the macro diet are so popular; it really does work! 

Back in the old days, before we all carried a powerful little computer in our purses, counting macros was a real pain in the butt! You had to weigh and measure all your food, look each item up on the internet or in a book, and then add up all the numbers to finally come to your macro breakdown for the meal you were about to eat. Invariably, after all this paper pushing and number crunching, your food would be cold, or your head would be hurting from all that math. 

The workaround

Getting around this problem was simple; you just ate the same thing every day. I said the solution was easy; I didn’t say it was a good idea! 

Fast forward to 2020, and your mobile phone is now more powerful than the computers that were used to launch the first astronaut into space. And how do we make use of this technological marvel? Updating our social media accounts and taking selfies mostly.

It’s time to start using your phone for good. With a simple app, you can use your phone to help you to count calories, track macros, and plan your meals.

Macro counting apps are fantastic. They are straightforward to use and make tracking your food intake as simple as A, B, C. All you need to do is type in the food you want to eat, add the quantity, and your phone will do the rest. 

Some of the ingenious macro tracking apps let you scan or take pictures of your food, and somehow, maybe using witchcraft (!), they work out the calorific value and macro ratios of the food you are eating without you having to type anything.

A lot of apps also give you access to a wide range of recipes for the macro diet. You will also be able to adjust things like your calorie and macro goals to match your personal preferences. Some apps even synch with activity trackers and smartwatches like Garmin, Apple Watch, and Fitbit so you can adjust your food intake based on your calorie expenditure. 

Choosing the best macro counting app

As you can probably tell already, I'm a HUGE fan of macro counting apps. That's mainly because I believe in the saying, "what gets measured gets done." If you need to eat more protein, the only way to make sure you achieve your goal is to see how much protein you are eating. If you don't measure it, you can't manage it. 

If you are serious about getting the best possible results from the Warrior Babe Blueprint, Warrior Babe Workout, or Warrior Babe Diet, you MUST knuckle down and commit to macro counting.

With so many macro counting apps around, it can be hard to know which one to choose. The right app will make your life easier, whereas one that’s not so good will just end up unused. Things to consider when selecting an app for counting macros include: 


Most of the best apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Make sure you match your apps the operating system on your phone, smartwatch, or tablet. 


The best apps allow you to set your own macro and calorie targets. This will enable you to adjust your macro intake according to your goals. If the app you are looking at does not allow for customization, I suggest you choose another one.   

Ease of use:

If your app is so complex that you can’t navigate it easily, it’s one more excuse not to use it and stop tracking your macros altogether. Make sure that your chosen app is simple enough that it makes your life easier, and not harder. Look for features that make counting macros easier and quicker. More features than you need could mean your app is more trouble than it’s worth. 


Some apps are free, but you have to suffer through ads in return. Others need to be purchased or may have an ongoing subscription. Free apps often only have limited functionality, and you’ll only get full access if you upgrade and pay up. Ultimately, it's up to you whether you buy an app or stick to free ones, but, as most cost less than a takeout dinner, I think buying an app is a very worthwhile investment.


Do you want to use your app on multiple devices, such as your phone and your laptop? Would you like to track your macros and record your workouts? Do you use an activity tracker to log your training sessions? Make sure that all your devices support the app. Otherwise, you may find yourself juggling between apps and making life more complicated than it needs to be.   

Recipe creation and storage:

The best apps also allow you to upload and save your own meals and recipes. This can be very helpful because it saves you having to enter things that you eat regularly over and over again. You can also peruse and share recipes with other users. 

Now you know what to look for in a good macro diet tracking app, here are my recommendations for the 15 best apps around. I’ve tried to include free apps as well as ones that you need to buy, and both Android and iOS apps too. Any of these macro counting apps should make macro and calorie counting a breeze! 

Best Macro Apps:


  1.  My Fitness Pal
  1.  My Plate
  1.  My Macros+
  1.  Lose It!
  1.  Fooducate
  1.  Spark People
  1.  Eat This Much
  1.  Life Sum
  1.  Fat Secret
  1. My Net Diary
  1. Healthify Me
  1. NutritionIX 
  1. Cron-o-meter
  2. Stupid Simple Macros
  3. Yazio

Best macro tracking apps wrap up

If you are serious about reaching your fitness and fat loss goals, it’s time to get serious about tracking your macros too. And don't worry if you are one of those people who "hate technology" or has "two left thumbs," all of the apps on my top 15 list are very easy to use. If you can send a text, you can use a macro tracking app. To take control of your body, you need to control your macros, and that means using a macro diet counting app.

At WarriorBabe we teach our clients and coaches to use the tool that works the best for them based on their goals and which program they are enrolled in.

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