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What Programs Does Warrior Babe Offer?

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We have 3 core programs at Warrior Babe to help women get toned and achieve the bodies of their dreams! Our secret? Eat more to get more toned. You just need to do it properly.

Our three programs are:

1. Warrior Babe Revolution (Warrior Babe App)

2. Warrior Babe Blueprint

3. Warrior Babe VIP

1) The Warrior Babe Revolution App


  • WarriorBabe Revolution is our beginner program
  • The Revolution includes:

    • Updated weekly meal plans & 50+ swap recipes
    • Updated monthly workouts along with your cardio schedule
    • Understanding and calculating your starting macronutrient
    • The mindset masterclass, and taking your mindset to another level to be successful along your journey
    • FB group for support, and accountability
    • Mentorship with Nikkiey inside of the group

This link will give you a full description of what's inside -> https://warriorbabe.com/revolution

2) The Warrior Babe Blueprint


  • The Warrior Babe Blueprint was created to fully educate a complete beginner on how to be in control of their body and the way they look forever! This program dives even deeper than the Warrior Babe Revolution with a 7- week online course along with downloadable action items, live Q&A calls and a community of strong women. You are going to learn how to control your own body composition with macronutrients and exercise from the ground up.
  • The main differences are the higher-level concepts in the Blueprint which include:

    • A 7-week Masterclass providing you knowledge about macronutrients, workouts, and a disciplined mindset.
    • Throughout the masterclass you will learn how to use macronutrients through everyday life situations like holidays, events, traveling, and working with a busy schedule so that you can enjoy macronutrients as a lifestyle :)
    • You will also understand exactly how to make adjustments to your macronutrient numbers so if at any point you feel like progress has come to a halt you can smile with confidence knowing exactly how to adjust your own macronutrient numbers! Having this ability puts you in control, and on a straight path to your goals.
    • On top of those awesome "how to's" you will also be able to understand what's happening on the inside of your body with your hormones and metabolism to make sure all is in alignment to achieve the goals you wish to have on the outside. You'll be able to learn about the best natural approaches to heal your body if you have thyroid problems or struggling with adrenal fatigue.
  • The Warrior Babe Blueprint is an approach that will leave you understanding how to fully use macronutrients to take your body to the next level. You will have access to Nikkiey 2x a week, in real-time, with Q&A coaching calls along with a FB community to support and hold you accountable.

This link will give you a full description of what's inside and how to apply -> https://warriorbabe.com/blueprint

Do you still want more?!? Cuz we can give it to ya...

3) The Warrior Babe VIP app.

What's different about the VIP app you ask? It is a top of the line app allowing no room for error. No need to wonder if you calculated your macros correctly, and no need to put any workout routine together. You won't even have to question what you are going to eat for pre or post-workout meals anymore because Nikkiey is going to DO IT FOR YOU!!! All you have to do is go into the app, open up the calendar and view your handpicked routine for the day and follow along. There are even videos for each exercise so you can do every workout with complete confidence. This is the most premiere/focused program we offer vs. our core program Warrior Babe Revolution.

This app is a customized nutrition program made specifically for your body type, and goals. Here is what you can expect to find inside:

  • You will receive exact meals, portions, and time to consume using Warrior Babe. It also has a monthly grocery list! The nutrition will cover everything one needs and wants in order to reach their fitness goals and body.
  • We will also make adjustments to the nutrition throughout the program, so you will never hit a plateau and will always be progressing to your goals!
  • You will also receive a fitness program that matches your schedule. It can be done at home, or in a fully functioning gym. If you can only train 4 days no worries, we've got you covered. If you can train for 6 days, awesome! A calendar will be provided with the exact workouts to do, and how much cardio to complete in order to reach your goals.
  • There are 100's of tutorial videos explaining in detail how to perform each exercise so you can feel extremely confident knowing exactly what you need to do. You will check in weekly with progress pictures and measurements.
  • You will also receive access to our Warrior Babe VIP group along with our VIP Huddle & Q&A sessions held every single Monday and Saturdays through the Zoom app where you can chat live with all the other VIP members face to face.

Our VIP program is application ONLY -> https://warriorbabe.com/vip

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